AKA: Front Desk Staff ;)
Brian Karnes, JD, MPH

Brian was a prominent figure in the health community of Norman for many years.  After obtaining his Master's of Public Health and Juris Doctorate as a dual degree in 2001, he quickly took to the health care setting.  Brian worked with the Department of Mental Health for years as a patient advocate before taking on the role of CEO of one of Norman's best known non-profit health clinics.  The clinic grew under his diligent attention, enabling the eventual merger to become the Federally Qualified Health Center it is today.

Brian decided to venture out again in 2018 to become the owner and CEO of his own clinic, alongside his wife Rebekah.  Brian desired to provide affordable health care to the people of Norman, and brought his years of knowledge and experience to create Karnes Family Health.

Brian is missed greatly by all who knew him.  We hope to honor his legacy and memory through support of The Karnes Foundation, which he formed only weeks prior to his hospitalization.