AKA: Front Desk Staff ;)
Brian Karnes, JD, MPH
Owner, President & CEO

Brian has been a prominent figure in Norman for a number of years.  After obtaining his Master's of Public Health and Juris Doctorate as a dual degree in 2001, he quickly took to the health care setting.  Brian worked in the Mental Health arena for years before taking on the role of CEO of one of Norman's best known non-profit health clinics, once caring for the homeless and uninsured through grants and donations, the clinic grew under his diligent attention, enabling it's merger to become part of the Federally Qualified Health Center it is today.  Brian has been working outside Norman for the last several years as he managed numerous clinics within the FQHC system.  And now, along with his wife, Rebekah, he is back!  Brian brings his desire to provide affordable health care to the people of Norman, along with his years of knowledge and experience to his family's new clinic, Karnes Family Health.